DBSophic provides innovative solutions for SQL Server performance tuning.

SQL Server Performance Tuning: One Workload at a Time

SQL Server performance tuning can be a daunting task. And tuning queries to ensure optimal SQL Server performance can be especially difficult. Enter Qure Optimizer! Most SQL Server performance tuning tools focus on individual query optimization. To complement this approach, Qure Optimizer provides workload tuning, allowing you to optimize an entire workload (millions of queries) in one go, automatically.

Qure Optimizer delivers hundreds of pinpoint recommendations based on your actual workload, making SQL Server performance tuning easier than ever before. For easy deployment of the performance tuning improvements to production, the recommendations are backed by executable scripts. With Qure Optimizer, SQL Server performance tuning will never be the same again.



SQL Server Performance Tuning: Benchmarks

Many of us have experienced the hit-and-miss nature of SQL Server performance tuning. For instance, a new index might appear to boost SQL Server performance on a specific query.

However, what will be the impact of this index across the full workload? Qure Optimizer answers this question by running SQL Server performance benchmarks for all of its recommendations – before you deploy these recommendations to production.

The benchmarks reveal how your SQL Server performance tuning changes will impact every SQL query in the workload – so no more unpleasant surprises!

SQL Server Performance Tuning: Index Modifications, SQL Syntax Rewrites and Much More

The SQL Server performance tuning recommendations include rewrites of SQL queries and stored procedures, new indexes, modifications to existing indexes, and much more. Qure Optimizer identifies SQL queries that are under-performing and then suggests specific changes to the syntax.

Excessive indexing is avoided by Qure Optimizer’s sophisticated algorithms, which will not only recommend new indexes, but will also suggest improvements to existing ones. SQL Server performance tuning - one workload at a time - is now a reality.



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