DBSophic provides innovative solutions that improve SQL Server Performance for enterprise applications.

SQL Server Tuning: A New Approach

Traditional SQL Server tuning products focus on individual query tuning. DBSophic complements these solutions with a new approach to SQL Server tuning. With DBSophic’s workload tuning solution – Qure Optimizer – DBAs can automatically optimize an entire workload consisting of millions of queries.

Qure Optimizer provides detailed recommendations for improving SQL Server performance, complete with executable scripts for applying the performance recommendations to production. With Qure Optimizer, SQL Server tuning will never be the same!



SQL Server Performance Benchmarks

SQL Server performance can be hard to predict. For example, you might know that a specific index will improve SQL Server performance for a particular query. But what will the effect of that index be across the entire database workload? To address this question, Qure Optimizer runs SQL Server performance benchmarks for its recommendations – before you apply them to production.

Now you know how tuning changes will impact SQL Server performance across the full workload, not just for selected SQL queries.


Improving SQL Server Performance with Index Recommendations, SQL Syntax Changes and More

The SQL Server performance recommendations provided by Qure Optimizer include SQL syntax rewrites, additional indexes, changes to current indexes, and more. When sub-optimal SQL queries or stored procedures are encountered, DBSophic’s Qure Optimizer will suggest precise syntax changes to enhance SQL Server performance.

To help you avoid over-indexing, Qure Optimizer’s advanced indexing algorithm will suggest improvements to current indexes, while also recommending additional indexes where appropriate. With Qure Optimizer, SQL Server performance tuning will never be the same.




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Tune 100,000 queries

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