"We bought the full license of Qure Optimizer at NWP because we had a primary server that was determined to be the sole point of performance work that needed to be performed. The reason we needed a product like Qure Optimizer was to bring our daily bills per minute (BPM) rate up to meet the demands that our growing customer base created. We were at 150 BPM when I started doing the analysis in June. We determined that we needed to meet a goal of 250 BPM by year end. We were able to reach that goal thanks to my work as DBA utilizing Qure Optimizer as the primary performance optimization tool. Qure Optimizer was spot-on, right on the money with nearly 100% of its suggested optimization paths.Thank you DBSophic and Ami Levin for an incredible real-world performance tuning product!"
Greg Swanson, Senior Solution Architect, NWP
"We’ve already deployed 334 Qure Optimizer recommendations to our production system, including 75 new indexes and 27 SQL code rewrites. The results have been outstanding. Qure Optimizer has greatly increased the efficiently of our application, with some queries now running as much as ten times faster."
Kurt Hadermann, CIO, SmartFreightWare
"Had we been doing this work manually, without Qure Optimizer, it would have taken us years to find and fix all these issues... Qure Optimizer increased the customer’s confidence in our products – resulting in their buying more development time and more products from us."
Matthew Gordon-Box, Senior Consultant, K3 Business Technology Group
"We looked at some other solutions, including tools from Quest Software, but after we tried Qure and it helped us achieve everything we wanted quickly and easily, we didn't need to evaluate any other product."
Christoph Weber, Head of Application Development, SUPER RTL  
"We constantly work to maintain high levels of database availability and performance in the company's production environment. The user experience and our customers' satisfaction are critical business targets for our company… I used Qure to analyze over 20 different databases and the results exceeded my expectations as a database administrator (DBA) familiar with other tools on the market, and specifically as a DBA intent on database performance optimization."
Yaniv Etrogi, Production Environment Manager, SuperDerivatives
"Since 2006, we have been using an Application Performance Management (APM) suite to help us locate our performance bottlenecks. Qure complements the suite's capabilities. The great thing about using Qure is the added level of awareness it provides us, highlighting not just where the problems reside, but what we need to do to fix them."
Doron Yitzhaki, CTO, Clalit Health Services
"Qure could considerably assist DBAs, during both the maintenance and the development phases of the application's life. Qure's benefits would be even more substantial for applications where a DBA was not an integral part of the development process."Shmuel Witman, VP of Development, Retalix
"Qure Profiler is an invaluable tool. In our scenario we have used Qure Profiler to compare workloads for different iterations in our project. We had multiple rounds of testing. First we collected a baseline trace from our workload replay.
Then we changed some clustered keys and collected another trace. Next a trace was collect after introducing table partitioning on top of the clustered key changes. Last we enabled SQL Server compression and collected yet another trace. Since we used the same workload replay we were able to have a side by side visual comparison of what executed and chose the best solution for us.

I would recommend this tool to all database professional to make this a part of there optimizing tool set. Wonderful job DBSophic keep up the good work."
Erik Larson, BI Developer, Kaplan Inc.
"We were experiencing a locking issue on a Sharepoint SQL instance. This instance was supporting a very high profile service that top end managers use on a regular basis. Thus the spotlight was very much on removing this locking issue. We didn’t actually support the Sharepoint databases and that’s because we are a team that deploys and supports the SQL infrastructure (hardware and instance installation) and the Sharepoint databases were supported by a 3rd party.

During the series of incidents caused by the locking issue, the situation was escalating. Despite two 3rd parties and more than a couple of high profile managers being involved I was called on to look into the issue too. Within 20 minutes, I was able to have created a SQL Profiler trace, have it analysed by Qure Profiler and quickly identify the offending query and illustrate what parameters had been used in the call and the effort involved by the SQL Engine in page reads, CPU, etc. From that I was able to advise what changes could be made to improve the performance and reduce the locking.

That was it, I was done. It was (unofficially!) claimed that I’d achieved more in that 20 minutes than the 3rd parties had achieved in all the time they were working on the problem.

Qure Profiler had certainly achieved what it sets out to do and saved us hours of manual trace file analysis."
Steven Jones, SQL Database Analyst

"We use Qure Profiler in our performance testing environment to analyze code changes made between performance runs. We have a performance testing environment that is calibrated to match our production environment and new code builds are analyzed here before moving to production. With Qure Profiler it’s simple to tell what has changed from the baseline and target our tuning efforts. We were already capturing SQL trace files and Qure Profiler saves us a lot of time and effort compared to our old manual process."
 Doug Bernhardt, Medtronic
"What I certainly like about Qure Profiler is this comparison:
  • 97 minutes it took for a crawling/scanning process to complete on our database.
  • 44 minutes it took MS SQL Profiler to store the 3.5GB trace file of that same process.
  • 16 minutes it took Winzip to compress that 3.5GB file to a 81MB (2.3%) zipped file.
  • 9 minutes it took Qure Profiler to analyze the 4.43 million events in that trace file."
Johan Kanselaar, Senior Software Engineer, Imtech ICT Integrated Solutions
"After a quick test-drive with Qure Profiler, I would classify it as 'essential' when it comes to workload analysis. There are a few other utilities that perform some of these tasks, but this one is comprehensive and pretty quick too. Ami must be very proud!"
John Alan