DBSophic is an innovative provider of performance improvement products for SQL Server based applications.

While traditional SQL Server tuning tools focus on individual query optimization, DBSophic delivers automatic workload tuning.

By optimizing the entire application-to-database workload, DBSophic's solutions help companies achieve unparalleled gains in SQL Server performance for their enterprise applications.

The customer receives a finalized scientific report with accurate recommendation scripts that were tested and proven to provide improvement.

View the actual improvement in percentage for each batch or a group of batches all together with scripts ready for immediate implementation on the production.

A before and after improvement in CPU, Physical & Logical Reads and Duration is provided.
Join hundreds of customers worldwide DBSophic's unique products!

DBSophic was acquired by Experda in 2013 and became a company subsidiary. As part of the acquisition, the technical staff of DBSophic continues to develop and support company products: Qure Optimizer & Qure Profiler.